Who are they?

Skunkfunk started in the mid 1990s with a simple t-shirt line. It was all sustainably sourced, manufactured and distributed locally in the Basque Country. The idea was to create clothing with purpose that everyone could love as it was unique and individual. They still source everything in exactly the same way through farmers, spinners, weavers, knitters, finishers, printers, manufacturers, warehouses, packers, and shippers but on a whole new scale now.

How we helped

With a new store in Surry Hills and a growing presence in Australia needed an approach as sustainable as their products. A busy shop and whoesale business left them short on time, while needing as much visibility as possible.

  • We created a mobile-friendly design showing off their range
  • Segmented their list and email design between customers and wholesale
  • Developed a simple process for them to develop content and reasons to send that we not all sale oriented
  • Business has never been better

They said...

They took the time to understand our business which is why they delivered a result beyond our expectation. Thanks again guys its being clicked on fanitically!

Kris C / SkunkFunk

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