Your Email Marketing Is Only Working at 30%, 
Costing You Customers and Wasting $$$

And The "Answer" is to SPEND MORE to Fill Your Leaky Bucket?!

You Are Wasting Leads DAILY!

New leads fall through the gaps as they come in and your sales guys burn through them before they are ready to buy. All you EVER hear is "we need more budget for advertising."

You Do EVERYTHING Manually!

Welcome emails pitch too hard (or not enough). You have no automated "onboarding" in line with interest, before they're asked to buy, the majority that don't are forgotten and never followed up.

You BLAST & Hope For The Best! 

Leads that didn't buy immediately recieve your newsletter. Articles focus on your needs and not theirs and sent when you want something and without any focus on the ONE THING.

"81% of our database NEVER EVEN OPENED emails!"

"Since changing over to the BrandMail monthly newsletters we've seen a huge increase in the take up of our offers. The articles are encouraging customers to talk to us about topics of interest instead of just price matching us against competitors! The most surprising outcome was from prospects who have opened accounts and begun purchasing regularly. "  Eris Hess, Agserv.

Let's get started...

We send 49 Million emails EVERY MONTH and are a Full Service Email Marketing Agency.  We KNOW what works, because we see it through our system AND adopt the MOST EFFECTIVE and BEST practices for each client we work with one on one.  Are you FED UP with doing it all yourself and not getting the results you deserve, its time to do something about it. 

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