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Running multiple stores, branches or franchises is hard enough without the added pain of keeping your brand and sales messages consistent. Using a centralised marketing system maintains the high standard and marketing your customers expect in one easy to use place.

Your corporate account makes marketing enjoyable again…


Your Brand, Our System

Your corporate account can be fully rebranded with your company logo and colour scheme.

It makes BrandMail instantly more comfortable to internal teams.

Central Marketing Systems, White Label Marketing

Multiple Marketing Teams

Organise your marketing system to fit your business by creating sub-accounts by teams, departments, stores, territory, offices, franchises or state.

Head office has full control over access for each account to protect your valuable customer details.

Marketing Teams, National Marketing Teams

Maximum Control!

You have full and granular control over the account and sub-account user levels.

Give as much or as little access to their sub-account as you want them to have.

Granular Access, Controlling Access

Full User Audit Trails

Full internal audit trails and account usage overviews make it easy to find your most effective marketer.

Corporate sub-accounts also have full reporting features to track individual campaigns as well as group reporting.

User History, Full Audit Trails

Secure Data and Access

Each sub-account operates within the confines of that account and is only able to access their own databases, images, content and reports.

Corporate account administrators can access all or group account reports and information. SSL Encryption and full 120 day back-ups are available on all accounts.

Require additional security? We can offer 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) including code authentication changing every 30 seconds and source IP restrictions if required.

Secure Access 2PASS WPA

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