Who are they?

Lockwood Accountants philosophy of client service influences everything they do. They apply their experience, common sense and imagination to the development of every client’s businesses. They know that only an intimate knowledge of their client’s business and industry can provide the maximum benefits.

How we helped

Lockwood’s like many accountants never knew the benefit of regularly communicating value and content to their prospects and clients until they did. In working with Lockwood’s:

  • Facilitated several workshops outlining online marketing opportunities
  • Email marketing campaign concept, design and execution
  • Mobile ready code

They said...

Our first email to clients, got us 4 referrals of A grade prospects. Each one converted to a new client. I would normally spend in excess of $10,000 in marketing dollars to achieve the same result, Brandmail did it for just a few hundred.

Steve / Lockwood & Ward

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