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Motivate your customers with SMS NOW!

Create demand from your customers with SMS Marketing for an immediate response. SMS marketing powers appointment reminders, competitions and time sensitive promotions. Have a half-full restaurant? Fill those seats fast by sending an offer that packs it out now! Get votes, ask questions and record the responses.

Need to reactivate a list of customers with dead emails? Send them an SMS asking for their new email address, BrandMail immediately updates their details in your database!

Start using SMS Marketing in your business today.

Bulk SMS Marketing

Reaching your customers now is what SMS does. More emails are being read on phones, but every phone has SMS and everyone can use it.

Send that personal message to thousands of people and get the instant response you want.

Bulk SMS Marketing, Two Way Marketing, SMS Two Way Marketing

Two-Way Marketing

SMS for an update from your customers, collect votes, enter competitions, opt into your email list and even update old email addresses!

One simple system to use email and SMS together to give and get more from your marketing.

Bulk SMS Marketing, Two Way Marketing, SMS Two Way Marketing

Your Own Virtual Number!

Imagine having a mobile number that anyone can SMS an email address to which signs them up to your database!

Takes just a few seconds by SMS, great for venues, stores and outdoor promotions. Use on shops fronts, cars, vans any promotion to grow your list fast.

Virtual Numbers, SMS Opt in, SMS Optin

SMS Reporting

Sending personalised SMS to your customers doesn't have to be bulk, they can be targeted to deliver specific offers, to get an email address (instead of calling), or even vote! Using BrandMail's in depth SMS reporting you know exactly what is going on in real time, every time!

Watch responses come in from your campaign live and even respond to some individually if you wish!

SMS Reporting, Bulk SMS Reporting

Make contact

Create sales from leads that didn’t buy the first time around. Make contact or call on

Easy to use Australian email and SMS marketing service helps ambitious businesses with proven email and SMS doubling sales with every send.

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Discover the simple email marketing tactics that turn your emails into serious sales boosters for your business.

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