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Tracking Happiness

Hit send and watch your customers clicking and buying live! Your easy-to-read dashboard shows you what is working and what isn’t.

Designed to give simple insight into what your customers really want and how they want it. This helps you make your message more appealing every time you send it. With your marketing improving every time you send, so does your bottom line. Simple.

Time To Action

You will love this! Watch live as your database opens, clicks and shares your messages. Learn how quickly your message is opened and acted on. You'll discover some days are better than others.

Why waste a great message on a bad day?

Live reporting, Time to open graph

Customer Statistics

How did they react to that last message? We tell you exactly who saw it, what they did with it and what they were interested in. With intelligence like this, it makes marketing a more predictable activity. Find out exactly the:

» Number of Email or SMS opened
» Open rate as a percentage (unique and total)
» Contacts Clicked (CTR)
» Send to friend (number shared)
» Profile updates (how many updated their information)
» Unsubscribes
» Email Domains (Hotmail, Gmail etc)

Email Reports, SMS Reports, Social reporting

Send Statistics

Discover how clean and responsive your list is. Send stats not only show how your database are opening their email, but what they liked or even if they saw it, we show you:

» Not opens
» Opened
» Bounced (temporary and permanent)
» Auto-deactivated
» Complaints
» Issues

Reporting, Click Through Rates, Email Open Rates

Desktop vs. Mobile Devices

Finally understand exactly how mobile your customers really are! Are they obsessed with Smart Phones or computers?

This alone can inform your whole mobile strategy for the business. In this report we show you:

» Desktop opens (as a percentage of total opens)
» Mobile opens (as a percentage of total opens)
» Mobile Device Types (iPhone, Android, Windows etc)

Mobile Opens, Desktop Opens, Mobile Vs Desktop

Bounce Reports

Sorting your old contacts just got easy! Simply send them an email and we'll tell you who has a full mailbox (temporary bounce) or has left their job (permanent bounce).

We'll even protect you from ISP Blacklisting. Your bounce reports show you for each send:

» Temporarily bounced
» Permanently bounced
» Auto-Deactivated
» List Sent To

Bounce Reporting, Temporary Bounces, Permanent Bounces, Hard, Soft

Customers Technology

This gives you an amazing insight into how your customers interact with the world online.

We'll know if they are on iPhone, Android or Windows phone, and are Mac or PC. Are they mobile, web-based Mac creatives or PC oriented corporates that like to consume messages in other ways, such as tablets as well as:

» Operating systems
» Mail clients
» Devices

Social Activity and Updates

Was your marketing a social hit or miss? Linking your latest email to social media we make the most of every single message.

Were people interested enough to take action and why? In your social activity and update reports we know exactly what got them sharing and how viral it went in social media. Social reports tell you simply when you're winning by:

» Number of Facebook "Likes" your email got
» Number of clicks as a result of those Facebook likes
» How many times it was mentioned in Twitter
» How many times it was Retweeted
» Number of clicks in Twitter
» Shares in LinkedIn
» Clicks in LinkedIn

Social Media Clicks, Facebook Shares, Twitter Shares, LinkedIn Likes and Shares

ROI Calculator

We know email delivers $54 for every $1 you spend. We all love it when good campaigns make money right? We live by this so included an ROI Calculator so you can simply work it out for yourselves.

Just add a few details and we'lll create an ROI report for you! The ROI Calculator gives you or the person that needs to know:

» Cost per response
» Cost per buyer
» Cost per mail
» Total revenue

Easy Share Reports

Stop wasting hours putting together reports that sometimes don't even get read.

Just hit the "Print Report" button and your email marketing reports include everything. They are colourful, clear and ready to make you look good!

Email Testing

Get the latest in current email testing built in. Create your custom built email, click run a test and see what your email looks like in 42 different email and operating systems.

We always add the latest mobile devices, email clients and operating systems so you can be sure yours just works! Also includes:

» Tests 42+ email clients, tablets and operating systems
» Live app adds the latest email environments
» Specific mobile testing
» Powered by Litmus

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