Who are they?

Alimak Hek offer safe and efficient vertical access solutions to customers in construction, as well as other industries. Offering a choice of rental or purchase, they are reknowned for comprehensive after sales service and support.

Their product lines, Alimak, Champion and Hek, have become the world’s leading names in construction hoists, industrial elevators, mast climbing work platforms, transport platforms, and materials.

How we helped

The team at Alimak Hek have found marketing a challenge, as the industry is almost famous for long and large contracts and incredible sales cycles. The ongoing support of existing customers was of prime concern while being consistently visible to those looking to switch suppliers.

  • Delivered a stand out email design that has stood out in the industry
  • Upgraded their email marketing to BrandMail
  • Supported their content efforts by identifying great content opportunities instead of the standard business as usual content sent by their industry

They said...

“We’ve got the most effective newsletter in the industry without doubt, it always gets mentioned when we are out talking to customers”

Darren B / Sales Manager

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