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Turn Your Social Marketing into Customers for Life

Reaching vast, connected groups of your ideal customer has never been easier.

We help you share your content across Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter as well as quickly grow your own database and following without even logging into three different accounts! Save time while finding even more customers fast!

Reach More WIth Every Message

Having just 1000 contacts, means you can influence as many as 140,000 using social media. How would finding just another 1000 prospects for free impact your business?

Reach more customers every time you send using BrandMail.

Social Sharing By Email, Email Sharing, Social Email

Promote Emails In Social Media

Bring your email and social marketing together and publish emails to your Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts automatically. Readers can join your database straight from your email!

How's that for free promotion?

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Share Some "Referral" Love

The most trusted form of advertising is referral. Each email can be Liked, Shared or Tweeted with a single click! Simple promotion reaches a whole new group of people, for free.

Your marketing is now going viral!

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One-Click Enquiry Forms In Facebook!

Let's get your leads into your database, and not Facebook. Use our simple "One-Click" sign up forms and get new leads straight into your Facebook page.

Real value from social media comes from building a list you own.

Social Sign Up, Facebook Optin

Is Your Social Paying?

Track results from your marketing in social media live, as they happen! Discover how many sign up, what has been shared, how many clicked on your marketing and liked your message.

Discover what works and stop spending money on things that don't. Simple.

Social Reporting, Social Media Reports

All In One Place

Imagine a single dashboard to post to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Not only that but even communicates to each one when you send an email message!

Your dashboard does that too, all in one place and simple to use.

Social Media Management, Manage Email, Social and SMS

Make contact

Create sales from leads that didn’t buy the first time around. Make contact or call on

Easy to use Australian email and SMS marketing service helps ambitious businesses with proven email and SMS doubling sales with every send.

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Discover the simple email marketing tactics that turn your emails into serious sales boosters for your business.

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