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Imagine this… A hot lead enquires through your website, who emails or SMS’s them instantly to expect a call shortly? Or what about the customer that decides halfway through a transaction they want a cup of tea, who contacts them with a chance to buy again instantly? Who resends that email to contacts that never opened it?

The answer is most likely no one, this is where the opportunity lives as most businesses NEVER follow up.

Use our Email Marketing API to put happiness and profit back into your business processes!


Make The Wheel Better

Instead of building costly new systems, make what you have better. Imagine your CRM, Apps, Website, Accounts, Online Store and more talking and updating each other.

Never manually update another system again, all your data up to date in real time.

API, Email API, Automation

Awesome Automation

Would a marketing system that sent an email to your subscribers automatically if new content arrived on your website or from an RSS feed be useful? Or web forms that decide how to direct their enquiry based on your CRM.

How about a series of sales and follow up emails triggered just by adding a new lead to your CRM?

Email Marketing Automation

Custom API Integration

The BrandMail Application Programming Interface (API) give marketing power to reduce hard work and create great customer experiences.

Our API is open for you to work on yourself, with full instructions and even snippets of code take control and integrate greatness!

Request a copy of our API document and start building today.

Custom API Integration

Make contact

Create sales from leads that didn’t buy the first time around. Make contact or call on

Easy to use Australian email and SMS marketing service helps ambitious businesses with proven email and SMS doubling sales with every send.

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Discover the simple email marketing tactics that turn your emails into serious sales boosters for your business.

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