Who are they?

Agserv Australia is the premier supplier in Australia of chemicals and equipment to the pest control industry. A heritage business with origins dating back to 1908. They serve the public health industry, including pest and weed control in all major markets.
With expert representation from their branches in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Newcastle. It is a one-stop shop for Pest Management.

How we helped

Agserv found it difficult to create and maintain regular high value communications channel with time and technology restrictions. Communications were purely sales pieces that were driven solely on price. With a huge amount of expertise, insight and connections with the entire industry that their customer base was clambering to get access to, it was difficult for them to share it. As part of our outsourced email management we:

  • Analysed their audience
  • Uncovered their customers problems and gaps in knowledge
  • Designed and developed a concept e-mag called “The Spray” to close the gaps
  • Developed valuable content in addition to their promotions
  • Write 3 articles each month with Agserv
  • Provide monthly managed email marketing campaigns
  • Created mobile-ready email templates

They said...

Our web traffic spikes are dramatic that follow the email sends. We've spent four times more on other marketing with little or no results. Our last email saw 120 people buy in three days from a tiny database of just 2000!

Eris Hess / Director

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