Simple and Consistent ALWAYS Beats Complex

In  a  World  of  Complex  Marketing,  Simplicity  &  Consistency  Wins…

The currency of successful marketing is information. Knowing more about your audience enables you to connect with what they value most making more likely they’ll become a prospect and eventually your customer. Creating articles, reports, videos and info-graphics that solve their problems provides massive value on automatic. What, how and when they consume your content provides insight on their needs and what they actually want from you.
Real success is in finding people who love what you do, then buy and share that experience with people just like them. How we differ in our approach is what sets good apart from great. We all operate websites, email marketing and social media profiles. Throw in advertising & SMS marketing, SEO & AdWords campaigns, landing pages, membership sites making it complex to deliver the simplest message to your audience.

Welcome  to  marketing  in  the  21st  Century

Fresh ready-to-buy leads and existing customer retention fuels every businesses. Many do not put a fraction of the effort of attracting and keeping customers as they do properly systemising the collection and conversion of leads into customers. As many as 62% of new leads do not even reach a sales person or are presented with an opportunity to buy. What could be a bigger waste in any business? Thousands of dollars spent warming up prospects, getting them ready to buy only to find them spending their money with your competition because of a failed follow up.
Is this happening in your business right now and what is it costing you?
Gaps in systems needing the repetitive actions of people to close those gaps result in mistakes your business always pays for. Leads escape without follow up as customers look for a business willing to ask for the sale or at least follow up on initial promises. We do not need to reinvent the wheel, just close the gaps with simple automation where your business needs it.

A  simple  customer  lifecycle

The biggest mistake we make is overcomplicating the customer lifecycle, let’s just keep it simple:

  1. Attract Traffic: Find high quality and interested leads for your products and service
  2. Capture Leads: Capturing their details before they leave
  3. Nurture Leads: Warming your leads and preparing them to buy
  4. Convert to a Sale: Maximising the conversion of every person thats ready to buy
  5. Deliver and Satisfy: Wowing the customer once they have bought
  6. Up-sell: Identify what they have and up-sell them into a higher value product or service
  7. Referral: Creating predictable methods of gaining referrals from happy customers

Operating any business on these simple principles simple clarity. BrandMail gives you a dependable, persuasive and automated process for reaching your businesses true potential.


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