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Find and Influence Customers Instantly With SMS

Did you know the sound of notifications delivers a shot of dopamine to the brain that we’ve become addicted to? We cannot ignore these and it’s an instinctual habit to check and act on them. SMS is incredibly effective when its expected and has great value. Use SMS in your business for:

  • Last minute high value offers
  • Filling seats at events
  • Voting and competitions
  • Updating contact details “Reply with your email address”
  • Notifying sales teams of customer requests

We are one of the few fully integrated Email and SMS messaging services in Australia.

Take BrandMail for a test drive today in just 60 seconds!

“Our fans can sign up for a newsletter, join a promo team, or even enter a competition online just by SMS. We watch our database double, even treble at some events just by SMS!” Q-Dance



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Easy to use Australian email and SMS marketing service helps ambitious businesses with proven email and SMS doubling sales with every send.

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