The 3 Part Formula That Creates Profit From Leads

Are you emailing your customer list once a week? Are as many as 70% not opening your emails? 

Your customer database is the most valuable asset you have, and its value is ALWAYS DECREASING.

Your customer list is ONLY valuable when you have a relationship with them.

Great marketing and in-person relationships are not built on bad habits. Lets put this into a more universally understood perspective:

  • Blasting emails is like talking over someone
  • Inconsistency demonstrates a level of unreliability
  • Marketing  when you want something can appear selfish
  • Knowing nothing about them kinda proves you don’t care
  • Sending irrelevant information shows you’re not paying attention
  • Emailing once and ignoring them is like forgetting their name

Most of us would never talk over someone, ignore them or intentionally be unreliable, especially people you want to do business with.

But you most probably are, and you don’t realise it because it’s difficult to see things from a customers point of view – but its very clear to them.

Bad communication is the worst way to promote any business.

The secret to solving this has nothing to do with getting rid of bad habits. This is like drinking milk while eating a cheese sandwich, while taking tablets for lactose intolerance.

Targeting symptoms and not the cause never solves the problem. The cause is much easier to solve.

The cause is purpose, is your business clear on yours? It this missing from your email campaign.

No goal + no direction = no relationship/results.

Your business is spending thousands of dollars every month to make the phone ring as well as fill your marketing database with leads. If they do not convert on the first contact what happens? Are they forgotten? Do they get blasted with generic information, until you hopefully hit on something that gets their attention?

The simplest way for you to get value from the time invested in reading this is to do something, if this sounds familiar, let’s make a difference to your business right now.

In the words of Montel Jordan “This is how you do it”

What’s the most valuable product or service in your business right now? What gets amazing results, fantastic feedback to the point that it almost sells itself? If you don’t have one, it’s time for a re-think…

Why am I asking?

The biggest secret to an effective customer database is…

Wait for it.

Beginning with the end in mind – as simple as selling an amazing product or service. It has the lot, it’s specific, has a result in mind and can be measured.

Email marketing MUST work back from the sale.

We are going to assume that you’ve based your product on an existing need in the market. Creating “need” where there is none is an expensive business.

By far the easiest approach is to…

  1. Create a lead magnet that has clear value thats simple to consume that they can get by giving their email address (5 pages)
  2. Send them to a second step that up-sells them into higher quality information, take a small amount $7-$27 and get some commitment turning them into a customer
  3. Directly up-sell to higher value products or create a reason for a direct sales conversation

The PDF/Video/Podcast is parts of your product splintered into smaller chunks of real value you can give away for an email address WHILE selling the upgraded version ALL DAY on autopilot!

The purpose of this approach is to create highly qualified leads and customers.

Imagine funding paid advertising with your campaign BEFORE they’ve even spoken to your sales team! Create an instant win, give immediate value AND create a customer.

It’s a change of mindset instantly, from opt in to customer, they are more likely to buy something else at this point.

If they will not pay $7-$27 for a small part of what you do they’re unlikely NOT buy something for anything more. Doesn’t matter how good your sales team are, they are just not ready to buy yet. But they are in your database, and can spring into life on the next email…

This is where nurture comes in, automate your follow up and get them ready to buy before wasting the valuable time of your sales team.

Email alone is not the answer, neither is PPC, SEO, content marketing or confused uni students with sandwich boards handing out flyers. All marketing points towards the page that delivers the value, EVERYTHING works towards that end.

A great example of this is a client with a database of just 2100, that regularly makes $70,000-$85,000 every single month. JUST by understanding his niche and giving them value WHILE selling them things! Email and the value is the trigger, great service and knowledge is why they always buy!

Email will not turn your business into a winner on its own, but great businesses with a great message can accomplish amazing things.

Work it back from the core product that fills the sales bucket with ready-to-buy prospects.

Now your database is valuable.

Think this doesn’t work for your business, think again!

We’ve created campaigns that defy assumption so if you’re not seeing measurable results from marketing, throwing budget into campaigns with no overview or outcome contact us.

Have questions, contact us, or ask them below!


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