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What Is BrandMail?

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More than “just” email…

BrandMail is more than email marketing, it’s the marketing engine powering your results!

Getting leads into your business should NEVER be a problem, managing and converting those leads into a sale can be. This is where BrandMail can help, your BrandMail account takes the leads from your advertising and automate responses and informs your sales teams to turn them into customers.

Once we have your leads, then its a simple case to just market to them! Either personalised email or SMS has the lowest cost of contact and one of the highest response rates of ANY marketing method.

Get started easily, without any assistance!

Discover how BrandMail can save your clients and prospects from going to your competition. Stay ahead of the game and get instant access with your 30 day free trial.

Email Marketing report from Brandmail with free instant access trial of the brandmail email marketing system

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