Using Email Marketing To Automate Your Social Media

Social media is your gateway to huge volumes of traffic, thousands of targeted niche interests and more potential customers than ever before. Reaching and selling to literally millions of new customers all over the world is yours to explore.

All we need is great content, a means capture it and convert that interest into a hot lead or customer. BrandMail delivers on all of this, just add content!

When you sign up to BrandMail you have access to more than Australia’s leading email and SMS marketing service. We give you all the benefits of a completely integrated social media messaging platform too. Enjoy this and new features added every week.

  • Manage Your Accounts: Adding your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts to BrandMail and they can be managed directly from your dashboard, no more individual log ins
  • Instant Publish to Social Networks: don’t just send an email to your list, post your email to LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook at the instantly or as a scheduled post at a later time or date
  • Social Sharing Buttons: Give your list a reason to share your emails with their network simply with a single click of our social share buttons. One click and your email is on their Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter wall
  • Social Sign Ups: Simple 1 Click publish to Facebook sign up forms will capture interested prospects from social campaigns and add them to your database
  • Track and Measure: We’ll show you just how well your social campaigns are doing by giving you real- time reporting on their successes
  • Grow Your Fan Base: Keeping your customers interacting with you via social media enables them to share your content simply while attracting like-minded prospects from their networks into your database or fan pages.

Isn’t it time BrandMail helped your social media campaigns pay for themselves? Set clear goals, define and target your audience with great shareable content and a very clear path to buy works every time.

Take control and stop spending hour after hour on social media without a pay day! Take action and get those people from your page and into your database. Automate your contact and keep your social media marketing all in one place with your very own online marketing service.

Sign up for your free email marketing trial of BrandMail today and see the difference.

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