The Influence of Mobile on a Social Marketing Future

Everyone loves stats, especially when it comes to Social Media.

Without doubt one of the biggest shifts we are going to see is the move over to mobile in terms web and apps services access. Literally running everything on the road is a reality now with approximately 85% of BrandMails’ entire business being able to be run from my iPad. Mobiles currently outnumber computers and laptops at an estimated at 4 to 1, what does this means in terms of influence in the perception of marketing professional promoting their businesses?

Here are the results of a US based survey we found very interesting from eConsultancy.

  • 17% of US marketers surveyed in June thought that the “greater use of social media via mobile platforms” was the social media effort that would have the biggest impact on their company/brand
  • Expanding Facebook presence was second with 16%
  • 48% of US marketers used social networks in June B2Bs Tap Social to Boost Search – eMarketer
  • 44% of B2B marketers believe social media efforts had a positive effect on search performance
  • 28% thought there was no effect, 1% though there was a negative effect, 27% did not know

The best stats in social media are those becoming a customer in your business. Use BrandMail to power your email marketing and let create a stream of ready-to-buy customers for your business!

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