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Can You Truly Calculate The Cost of Lost Opportunity?

The reality of not regularly communicating with your audience is lost customers, missed opportunities and increased marketing spend. Email is the lowest cost marketing activity any business should be using. An engaged subscriber is worth a hundred  times more than any social media fan.

The biggest problem for business is knowing what they should be writing about. Then someone has to actually create it and make the best use of it.

Marketing bottlenecks – It’s time to go!

We deliver an initial review of your business, industry and niche in the form of a simple phone interview. This interview and your existing website forms the basis of an initial report that creates a custom plan including:

  • An easy to follow content marketing plan
  • Identify great keyword opportunities
  • Content type and consumption
  • Create 3 original articles
  • Distribute with BrandMail
  • Post send report/analysis
  • Every month we interview you for 30 minutes or less to refine direction and purpose, essential for a growing business. From each consultation, in tandem with our reporting we know:
  • The “hot topics” of the moment in your organisation
  • Trends, technology and changes in your niche
  • What your customers are responding to
  • We write and send for you

As a result your newsletter is sent every single month. Each of these articles can then be added to your website, increasing online marketing opportunities for your business. Once the business sees the results, people within the business come forward to start contributing.

Sign up, watch us do the work while you enjoy the sales. Be one of the first 50 enquiries to start your online marketing revolution and claim your extra $485 of bonuses for free.

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