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More Customers by Design

How your email looks is the difference between read and un-read. Great email templates help the reader find what they’re looking for even when they’re not paying attention. We imprint visual cues keeping your business in their mind when regardless of how distracted they are.

Did you know?

If you email design is more than 12 months old it probably will not work on smart phones. As much as 30% of Australian emails are now read on a mobile device. How do your emails look in your customers mobile inbox? If your email marketing has a low open and click through rates, this can be a sign of this.

We send 47 million emails a month for Australian businesses. You might say we know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to Australian email marketing design. BrandMail gets your business ahead of the rest by:

  • Designing for your customers
  • Creating a high standard difficult to follow
  • Making your message easy to act on
  • Designed and coded for your mobile customers
  • Making it easy to share your value, entertainment and insight
  • Email marketing is the fastest, easiest and most inexpensive way to drive traffic to your website. Stay top of mind with your audience while they are making decisions about your services.

Our Custom Email Design package includes:

  • Business Content Review (worth $147)
  • Custom Email Design (optimised for Mobile & Tablets)
  • Code tested to work in 42 email and operating systems
  • The 60 Minute Email Marketing Experts Guide (valued at $97
  • Getting Started In Email Marketing Guide (value $47)

Ask us how we get your business the attention it deserves and claim $291 worth of bonuses completely free.

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