NO MORE DISCOUNTS! 5 Keys To Giving Value In Your Email Marketing!

going-out-of-business-saleImagine a world where you sell your products and services for a premium instead of selling them at discount…

Most businesses find themselves in a race to the bottom when it comes to selling their products and services. It shows a lack of imagination as discounting is the laziest way to get a sale. it shows in every channel but most of all in your email marketing.

There I said it!

The real problem with discounting so ferociously and regularly is that it disables your ability to make a profit with less sales. You make less per product or service and the fear and desperation can set in as you scamper around for more customers and even more sales.

What happens when you CONSTANTLY PROMOTE discounts?

  • Your brand image falls into the discount bin at the front of the supermarket in the eyes of your customers
  • You are training your customers to NEVER pay full price (they’ll always wait for the discount)
  • Too many sales % discount emails dilute the impact of EVERY sale (becoming “offer blind”
  • It DEMONSTRATES a complete lack of confidence in your own product or service
  • You chip away at the true value of your product and service

Their are ALWAYS legitimate reasons to have a sale, such as clearing stock. Remember when a sale used to create anticipation? In my younger years my female friends saved their money for end of season sales and then saw them go bonkers with the elbows flying when the doors opened!

You can go sale shopping any day of the week in any store, where’s the excitement and scarcity?

What If You Did It Differently?

Let’s take retail, a universal example where we all just get it or have some experience of and let me preface this with “I have never owned a retail store and it’s incredibly easy to armchair direct how someone else runs their business, but it’s also easier to see more when you are not entrenched in it!”

When was the last time you saw a retail store WITHOUT a % off sale sign in the window?

I’d love to take over a shop window in the high street and promote, “WE’VE DOUBLED OUR PRICES!”

ANY shop actually doing that with retail staff that ACTUALLY CARE and CAN SELL would absolutely smash their sales records just with higher prices, attention to detail, real customer service ensuring the experience was worth every extra penny.

Instead, margins are crushed, staff are badly trained and have little or no interest because you cannot afford a  retail professional that could really make a difference in your shop.

5 Ways To Promote Products WITHOUT Giving ANYTHING Away!

  1. Solve the MOST OBVIOUS problem your customers have NOT using your product or service and solve it for them using simple, plain common sense. Don’t be clever, speak like a human and use simple and straight forward explanations – then associate an offer with it.
  2. Solve the HIDDEN problems impacting other areas of their life or business – they experience using your product or service. Not every problem is obvious, sometimes you have to highlight and out a value on the symptoms of a problem before it can be seen
  3. Prove what you do works – case studies are one thing, but how can you help your prospects literally SWIM IN THE RESULTS of your customers success?
  4. Make Buying Rewarding and Incredibly Valuable – how much more value can you stack on top of a purchase without it costing the money you made in a sale? Create some training, partner offers or how they can get even more value from what they just bought. When you buy X, you also get this, and this aaaaand this!
  5. Up sell or “Do You Want Fries With This?” McDonalds literally puts a billion dollars on their business EVERY YEAR they roll out this phrase! It’s almost impossible to get fired from McDonalds, but if you don’t make the offer you are out the door. What is your package or up sell you can offer with every sale?

Many of the questions you can answer in your marketing have been asked and answered over and over again by your customers service. Your answer is on file!

Discover how we took one business from “offering and discounting” their database to death to giving value and making 275-350 sales per month via email marketing.

It’s not hard, just click the link that is blue!


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