New Mobile-Friendly Responsive Email Templates


47% of All Australian Email Messages Are Now Read on a Mobile Device

This is a statistic taken from our recent Australian Email Marketing Benchmarking Study 2013 (coming soon).

You’ve probably been read or been told that a mobile marketing strategy is a must have in the last 6 months. We all know mobiles are here to stay and usage is skyrocketing.

But what does that actually mean to you? Their are always options right?

  • Create a mobile version of my website ($10K+)
  • Build an app to interact with our business ($15K+)
  • Get our email marketing working well and optimised in mobile ($30)

We can take a course of action that can both prove a need in our business and instantly lift response rates in our communications. It also has the smallest price tag!

Knowledge Is Power

We like to prove the case for it before making any changes.Take a recent email message we recently sent (screenshot from BrandMail reporting).

We HAVE a very mobile audience. We tested it and know optimising our emails is essential to reach our customers. Once you know, making a good decision is easy.

If nearly half of all emails are read on a phone or tablet, how are you presenting yourself in mobile?

Time To Find Out – One Way or The Other

It’s not a time to ask if this is something we should do or not. We also believe that it’s not something you should need to worry about.

Ideally every email you create should look good on any size screen. So we’ve updated our template editor to give you a really simple way for you to do exactly that.

You can now easily create responsive emails that are mobile friendly in BrandMail.

This means your emails will look great on any screen size, whether it be desktop, tablet or a mobile device.

So it’s a better reading experience for your subscribers across all devices.

Simply look out for the mobile icon when creating a new email from selected templates.


What is a Responsive Email?

It basically means the following will all happen automatically, depending on the size of the screen your email is viewed on:

  • Width of email will automatically fit the screen size of the device
  • Larger images will be automatically resized
  • Components will be stacked for easy scrolling
  • Logos and text in the header component will be centered

Choose a custom design with mobile responsiveness built in or build a template yourself in 60 seconds using our Automatic Designer. Just enter your website and BrandMail will pull your colour scheme and logo into a mobile-ready template in just 30 seconds!

Discover How Mobile Your Audience Really Is Today

Find your mobile customers today with a free test drive of our full email, SMS and social marketing service. Create a message and discover how mobile your audience is today.

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