Music Magazine Subscription Renewal By Email Marketing

Magazine subscriptions have in the past used snail mail as the primary vehicle for renewals. Adding online and more specifically email renewal campaigns significantly decreases cost and boosts renewal rates. Here’s is an example scenario using a music magazine:

Once a reader subscribes, the reader is automatically added to a triggered automated email campaign. In 12 months, when the reader’s subscription is due to expire, a date-based email is triggered. Here’s an example of what your renewal campaigns might look like:

Reminder 1: 60 Days prior to subscription

  • Magazine Value Reminder: value cannot be established without it being counted so make it clear, latest improvements to the magazine, new or varied content that can be accessed, the app, free trial, exclusive content, flick page online example, insider track etc. Subtle renewal notice with bundled value.

Reminder 2: 45 Days prior to subscription

  • Customer Survey: pitch the email “How To Get Free Concert Tickets” and pitch the simple survey, get feedback on what is important to the reader and why they love what you do etc. Include one off, time sensitive offer that requires immediate action.
  • Follow up email: reminding them to complete the survey to win their prize, further detail on the tickets, needs faces jumping up and down in the crowd.
  • Option: Pick 10 winners and promote on site (the more the better) as a subscription incentive while you are using the same tactic to retain.

Reminder 3: 30 Days prior to subscription

  • Personal email: The editor, celebrity or face asks “Hi Steve, it’s great to have you with us. We were looking at some of the things you are interested in and picked these articles out for you”. Subtle banner for subscription renewal.
  • Trigger email to the subs team: reiterate the offer and have a bonus tucked away to bring out on the phone in a “we’re not supposed to give these away but”.

Reminder 4: 15 days prior to subscription

  • Just wanted to ask: “Have you had a great concert experience in that you’d like to tell us about. Potentially be featured in the magazine with your concert review.” Don’t offer it if you cannot deliver on it.

Reminder 5: 10 days prior to renewal

  • Renewal promotion: 10 days away scarcity, more value added bonuses, no discounts, act right now!

Reminder 6: 0 days to renewal

  • Today is the day! We’ve loved having you so let’s keep as part of the team. Full crew shot holding a sign with a space for a personalised name to be contained “Bring back Steve!” Clickable and personalised banner: “Join The Bring Back Steve Campaign!” links to a landing page that has similar content minus personalisation. Triggers call from subs team: using the same strap-line “calling from the “Bring Back Steve” campaign headquarters”.

Reminder 7: 7 days after renewal

  • “Where’s Steve” famous shot of musician looking around or “I Want You Back” Jackson 5 shot. Triggers call from subs team with last ditch offer, ensure feedback into why they are not renewing.
Ensure you have completely automated this, while monitoring the effectiveness of each email. We need to make sure that we get them as soon as possible in the renewal process as possible. If you want to automatic subscription renewal process for your magazine, removing staff resource, reducing costs and improving retention with your subscribers sign up to BrandMails email marketing service today…
Have fun with this and be consistent in all the messaging.
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