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Mobile Subscriptions Surpass Global Population In 2013

Mobile subscriptions will surpass the global population in 2013…

Since early 2012, more than six billion mobile subscriptions were in use around the world (prepaid and postpaid). Three quarters of the world’s inhabitants now have mobile phone access according to a report by the World Bank. We are right at the start of a massive mobile growth curve.

With mobile devices becoming cheaper while silently evolving into computers making as networks double in bandwidth every 18 months or so. You only have to open your eyes to see our habits evolving, a grand old age is not required. In the last 5 years we have become more notably interwoven with our devices.

We can be  thankful times have changed. The convenience, flexibility and the freedom that information mobility has provided has revolutionised the way we live. Not only that but completely the way we all interact with each other and our reality.

Even with great good comes elements of bad

We see iPhone zombies pouring attention into their phone instead of looking where they are going to the point where pedestrian accidents are at an all-time high.

Busy professionals become addicted to response and check emails at all hours, never truly resting. Let’s also take a moments silence for our collective focus and attention, resting at an all time low. Make no mistake, anything this ingrained into our daily lives is as far from fad as it’s possible to be.

With any shift in technology, new opportunities await those willing to act. First in best dressed will always serve opportunists well. The opportunity is in platform, following the chain of trust and recognising where those significant changes in buying behaviour can be monitised.

Instant attention, attraction, momentum and immediate gratification can create results for any business aligning prospect to need. Your customers can read, find excitement in your offer and buy from you instantaneously. Mobile messaging is a proven, dynamic and lucrative profit centre for any business wishing to stake their claim. Now is the time.

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