How Many Emails Should I Send To My List?

How Many Email Marketing Messages Should I Send?

If I had a dollar every time someone asked me this I would literally have about $37 this week.

The Australian Business Email Marketing Frequency results are in –

Sending More Email Marketing Is Better Than Sending Not Enough

Typical for an email guy to say right?

Time for a spot of disclosure when you send more emails, we get paid more money. This is true. BUT when YOU send more emails getting more response, and in turn more revenue then doesn’t everyone win?

So, as we’ve delivered something in the range of 504,000,000 emails for Australian businesses this year so far so we had a quick look at the numbers.

Actually there was NOTHING quick about this, I gave the task to one of our developers who nearly cried when I asked him to do it. So spare a thought for Dave when you are reading this and at least take it in, share it and tell your friends.

The PROOF You Should Send More Email Marketing (Than Not Enough)

We broke this down over Monthly, Weekly and Daily. We have clients that send once a quarter and some only when they want something and as we told them a number times, “we truly suggest you go back to printing flyers, if you are not going to take this seriously!”

These are the findings:

  • Monthly delivered – 26.7% opens and -37.0% clicks
  • Weekly delivered +27.1% opens and an increase of 50.6% clicks
  • Daily delivered +27.0% opens and an increase of 100.3% clicks

Simply put more emails creates more response and much higher activity to your site, product or service. Hold on a minute “so more marketing actually creates more results?”

Yes it’s true. Weird right?!

So if you’ve spent the last 6 weeks preparing your 3 monthly newsletter, don’t bother, most likely your ENTIRE DATABASE no longer knows who you are!

Better still, why not take our challenge:

  1. Come up with a more interesting email marketing strategy
  2. Create and send an email every week for 3 months
  3. Reinvest your new profit into a boat, jet ski or tank

You’ll never truly benefit or believe if you never try it. Also what do we know, we just sent 504 Million email marketing messages this year on behalf of thousands of clients.

If you want your email marketing to do something more than just get deleted, not opened or visit the trash its time to get serious!

PS The picture is courtesy of Betty and Mavis, who work in our email sorting facility.

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