Are You Hitting The “BUY” Button In The Minds Of Your Customers With Email Marketing?

Email Marketing Getting Customers To Buy

Getting your message to hit home with your customers is not easy.

Finding and pushing the buttons of your customers just take a little insight on how our brains work.

Our primitive brain (the one that kept us alive long enough to evolve) assesses sensory input on situations and surroundings and assesses danger, or less dramatically these days, “why is this important to me?”

The primitive brain (the amygdala) controls our gut reactions and emotions – and works much faster than our conscious mind.

We process all information in this way throughout the brain:

  • Survival (Reptile Brain)
  • Emotional (Middle Brain)
  • Rational (New Brain)

This is not always the case though, smaller or passion purchases do not require reasoning they can trigger the reptile brain to snap purchase on its own.

Email marketing campaigns rooted in neurology are more likely to gain and hold customers attention. Living in a digital attention economy, where interruption rules, the ability to gain and hold attention is what separates the good from the great.

7 Fast Brain Facts To Improve Your Email Marketing

  1. Moving objects ALWAYS get attention (think video email or GIFs)
  2. We always react to faces in email marketing campaigns more than anything else
  3. Gut reactions operate in 3 seconds or less, use a grabber in the form of a short story to catch attention
  4. Emotions are processed 5 times faster and make a more lasting imprint than our conscious brain
  5. If you make us FEEL we remember it, so what can you do to make us feel something in your marketing?
  6. We love provocative images – food, sex or danger (more tools have been sold using bikinis than anything else)
  7. Get to the point – the reptile brain has no patience and will turn off in 3 seconds or less

Improve your email marketing instantly by using:

6 Stimuli To Break Through The Reptilian Brain

  • Self-Centered – If its not about me, you’ve lost my attention
  • Contrast – Demonstrate the contrast between their pain and the relief you provide
  • Tangible – Are the results you claim easily proved and tangible (that could be me)
  • Beginning and End – Your pitch should include a Grabber / 3 Claims / Close
  • A clear visual path – Visual pitch that demonstrates outcome (think cigarette warnings – minus horror!)
  • Emotional – Trigger emotions, they produce motion and trigger decisions

If you’re interested in learning how we integrate these elements in managed email campaigns for our clients, contact us and discover how outsourced email marketing gets you results.




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