Getting More From Every Visitor, Lead and Customer

Most people describe email marketing as “blasting an email to your database”. For many it’s a fair description because this is EXACTLY what they do.

One email to smash them all!

Let’s redefine it for the record, your email marketing service is a place where your prospect and customer information lives. Its where you discover, record essential and new information about your leads and customers.

Knowing more about your audience is directly linked to being more valuable and selling more.

If you know what your customers want, how they want it and why they want it, it suddenly becomes a thousand times easier to sell something to them.

This is Email Marketing

More than sending monthly emails, great email marketing services collect leads from your website, landing pages, social media and in fact every media. BrandMail is also one of the few services that even collects new leads for your business through SMS.

They collect and nurture interest based on action, behaviour and preference when its most relevant.

Advertising is fuels growth. The company with the largest advertising and marketing spend with generally have the most profile and in turn the most customers.

Without limitless marketing budgets, we have to work smarter.

New customers are expensive %%First_Name%%, making the most of what you already have is the best place to start.

7 Secrets to Getting More From Every Visitor, Lead and Customer

1. Sell Something Else To Your Customers: Getting a bigger share of your customers wallet is easier and cheaper than finding new customers. If you have a range of products or services, pitch the upgrade. Existing customers will spend on average 26% more than a new customer will.

2. Increase Sign Ups: The number 1 job of your website is capturing data, before ANYTHING else. If they are not enquiring about a service, they should be signing up for your newsletter so you can help them understand how valuable you are when they are ready to buy. With 10,000 people visiting your site every month you should capturing  500 of them every month, how are you doing?

3. Create Attractive Lead Magnets: This is a small chunk of value that solves a SPECIFIC problem for a SPECIFIC market which is offered in exchange for an email address. This helps you with point one, increasing your opt ins. Constantly developing better and better lead magnets will remove the traffic problem for you. Prospects want immediate gratification, lead magnets provide this.

4. Close The Gaps: Test every web form and enquiry point, make sure every single lead, inquiry, telephone number and booking is going somewhere fast. Missing leads due to broken pages, links, incorrect information and promotions account for a ton of loss, costing money and opportunity.

5. Nurture Consistently & Relentlessly: Your list are not likely to buy on the first, second or even tenth touch, but most follow ups stop after two “No’s”. Create a series of emails designed to take them on a journey getting value and understanding on the way. BrandMail can notify your sales team at specific close points in your email series. Outside of email series, send your database an email every 7 to 21 days.

6. Get a Low Value Buy In: Trust starts with a purchase, no matter how small. Get your customers to buy something useful at a low price point, if they spend $7 they are on their way to spending $700 or $70,000. You could also up sell them once paid with a single click, to a higher priced product. We’ve seen as many as 60% buy a product for $150 from an initial purchase of $7 in a series of transactions.

7. Improve your offers: Are your offers unbelievable? Do they solve REAL customer problems? Or just solve what you THINK their problems are? Amazing is shared and loved and shared again, boring is completely invisible and useless to everyone.

If you’re nailing the above you can throw a budget at advertising and always get a great return from it.

Start a profitable journey with your database. Clean house, get clear and above all be valuable!

Try BrandMail for free for 30 Days and start 2014 as you mean to go on.

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