STOP The Waste – Email Marketing Finds 30% – 200% More Profit In Your Business

Email Marketing Stops Waste


Spending thousands or tens of thousands every month to reach your ideal customers? Trying to get their interest with a mix of advertising, content and offers?

At this point, hot leads jump into your sales funnel like trained Dolphins right? But what happens when your sales team do not close the sale right away?

Does the money you spent in PPC to move them to your sales team get credited back to your account from Google?


Perhaps your search team offers a refund as they spent less time optimising your site? Better still, they tell you each month, “we’ve found better leads, for less money and want to cut your SEM budget this month.”


The thousands or tens of thousands of dollars spent getting people into your database for your sales people just “disappears”, as the sale wasn’t closed immediately or followed up.

So the search for the next buyer to “buy right now” begins. Meanwhile, the great unwashed and forgotten souls that languish in your business are just that.


Your business is caught in an auction where the highest bidder gets their pick of new customers and ignores them if they do not buy instantly just like everyone else.

So what do you do? Email marketing is just the start.

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Find The Missing 30%-200% Revenue In Your Business

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