Create An SMS marketing message using BrandMail

Let’s send an SMS to your customer list then view the report on the results.

This article will explain the process of SMS marketing and creating a message to do just that, and some important things about the ‘from number’ you can choose to use.

Create a new SMS

  1. Select ‘Messages’ up the top
  2. Select ‘New SMS’ on the left
  3. Give the Message a name
  4. Choose the From number you wish to use
  5. Select the folder you wish this message to be saved in
  6. Create and then Save your SMS message

Choosing the ‘From Number’

When creating your SMS message, you have 3 options to choose from to use as your From number:

  • From the systems number – responses to SMS messages can be viewed via ‘Reports’ in your account.
  • From your own mobile number – all responses will be sent to your mobile – they will not be available in system reports.
  • Text as ‘From Number’ (e.g. your company name) – no responses can be collected.

SMS marketing is the fastest way to reach your customers, login to your account or create a free trial to access our range of SMS and Email Marketing in one system.



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