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BrandMail New Interface Upgrades

Sneaky peek of your great new interface and features

“The team are really excited about the changes we’re about to release. Everything is much easier to access and it all just makes sense” The new look is coming soon! We’ve designed an interface that’ll give you easy, quick access to all the information you’ll need. Check it out below.

Customisable Dashboard

Upon login, the new dashboard will give you access to your calendar, social media feeds, and you can see your latest reports. It also includes a Live Feed so you can see who’s registering for your event, signing up for a newsletter, clicking links or retweeting your campaigns – all in real time.

If you prefer to have a clean dashboard, you can place as many or few widgets as you like, in just a couple of clicks.



Great looking interface with global search


The new interface has been designed to make everything more accessible. We’ve also added a new search bar so you can quickly find any contact, email, SMS message, file or image – virtually anything in your account by typing it into the search bar.

Once you’ve searched you can then choose what to do with the results, for example edit a contact’s details. You can also filter the results if necessary.


Improved navigation with help tips


The new improved navigation will allow you to completed tasks with minimal fuss.

You’ll spend less time learning how to do things by using the Help Tips throughout the system.




Easy Database Upload

You’ll have more flexibility when it comes to uploading your lists. Upload your Excel, CSV or TXT files or copy and paste contact information straight into the system.

Click to enlarge Before uploading your list, you will be able to organise your contacts and include or exclude information by easily mapping the fields. This is a great feature for merging a number of lists into one.



Lists & Web forms


You’ll soon be able to edit your lists and forms from one single screen. Add, remove and edit your field and list settings while at the same time building great looking Web Forms to attach to your emails or place on your website.

This is all live now in BrandMail! Just take a trial of our leading email marketing software today.

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