8 Secrets To Powerful Magazine Subscription Renewal Campaigns

Automated subscription renewal campaigns are powerful retention generators for publishers. Having been part of several of these we have seen lifts in renewal rates in excess of 27%. Using triggered email campaigns consistently convert more, disrupt less and are more enjoyable than consistent call centre follow up approach.

Here are the some “rules” we have come up with when it comes to promoting and selling via simple automated campaigns in related to subscription:

  1. Remove anyone taking up the offer from the automation: This can be done manually or automatically through an email service providers API (initial cost upfront can be rewarded with years of loyal automated service). Not doing this will undo, what you have just done.
  2. No discounts: Not only do you devalue what you do, but discounting without being asked it’s like haggling with yourself. If you’ve invested years into making it valuable, unique and respected, don’t for a second devalue it.
  3. Be True: If you offer an opportunity to write a review on a concert, be sure you can deliver on it if it is worthy of your title. Even lower quality content can be used on the site to increase visibility.
  4. Increase the perceived value: The effect we are looking for is here, “I can’t believe they can do this”. Use your relationships, influence and imagination to create and deliver MASSIVE value that no one can say no to.
  5. Bundles: Do you want fries with that? McDonalds makes hundreds of millions of dollars in this way for a reason, it works. Offering subscriptions with related products, services and information gives
  6. A high end product: This is simple, if you do not have one you cannot sell it. You can create a subscription product that takes no additional effort for the title to service, but adds literally hundreds if not thousands to the profit to a simple subscription. Service and delivery may be outsourced to partners, the service your subscribers get from them is directly reflective of your title.
  7. Use Behaviour: Make choices align to specific interests, passions or niches within niches. These will inform your segments to improve them accordingly. You can automate the click of a link to deliver a course, insight or value from your title or leveraging a partnership.
  8. Have Fun: Depending on the title, position and tone you can always have fun with these. You know the people that read the magazines. if you weren’t working for them, in many cases you’d be a reader. You know how to entertain yourself, you know the “types” play to them.

Retaining your subscriptions is easy if the process is kept simple and relevant, to the subscriber more than anyone.

BrandMails email marketing service empowers your publishing business with the tools and automation that empowers your subscription team and business to do more with less resource on automatic.

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