5 Simple Ways to Knowing Customers Better with Email Marketing

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The biggest hurdle for most businesses is knowing what customers want.

Imagine having a large database, and NEVER using it! All those lovely people your business have paid to be right there, sitting around becoming less interested each day. Worse still why not them one email (to rule them all) and jam enough into it to capture the attention of someone with something, look at the open rates and do the same again next month regardless.

Knowing what to send and how is 90% of the problem in any email marketing campaign. What you think they want, and what they think they want as opposed to what they actually need are all different! 

Be warned, this may be the simplest, most common sense post EVER written.

It will be scoffed by “experts”, scorned by “gurus”, understood universally and mostly appreciated on the quiet by everyone. We want our audience to be successful under their own steam, information learned and retained in their business, used and profited from every time you send an email marketing campaign.

Using email marketing reports in BrandMail they tell you exactly what your customers are interested in, however don’t fixate on the numbers alone. Theirs a great difference between information (percentages, numbers) and insight (interest, need, aspiration and what they want next). 

If you’re repeating whats always worked and hardly changing design, content or approach your campaigns and database will stagnate. If you focus on their behaviour, what triggers what and why, you’ll discover more.

5 Simple Ways to Discover More About Your Customers with Email Marketing

  1. Who is opening your emails (they are interested in X, does that relate to Y and how, can we test that?)
  2. What they are interested in (give them more of that, or  call and discover why)
  3. How they read email (they are nearly all mobile – is your site and email responsive?)
  4. Discover what are they sharing (advertise this content – its valuable)
  5. Where your most profitable leads come from (invest more it what works, less in what doesn’t)

Every message you send gives you more insight about your customers than before. The more you know, the better you communicate, and the faster you qualify a good customer from a bad one, and the easier it becomes to connect and close a sale.

Keep it simple, but not simplistic, stupid!

Give great value with the least amount of words. It’s all about checklists and resources, not 100 page reports – if it looks hard work it most likely is and people want things that improve their situation with little or no effort.

Don’t overestimate what they know or under estimate their intelligence. Give them what they need to make informed decisions about your business, help them understand the impact of their problems and what its costing them financially, emotionally and as a team.

Simply knowing a little more about your customers is the most powerful reason to use BrandMail.

Log into your account or get your 30 day free email marketing trial and make a difference to your customers world today!


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