3 Keys To Using Social Media Feedback In Email Campaigns

Social media is a great way to pull the sentiment, issues and most of all feedback and content about your industry that surrounds your brand and business…

Think about the content that could be generated about your brand, specialty and what people are really having issue with and find the value they need. Every mention of your brand can be used in your email marketing campaigns. It shows a great willingness to share and be seen there which in turn demonstrates a great level of communication ability, transparency and openness.

3 Secrets To Using Social Mentions In Your Email Campaigns

1) Highlight reviews and testimonials from social networking sites:

Don’t hide great feedback from your customers, prospects and suspects! Also do not just focus on your Facebook wall, you have options from sites such as Yellow Pages, Yelp, TruLocal, Google Places, Epinions and many more. Search them out using social monitoring or Google Alerts.

2) Don’t assume tweets are too brief to matter:

What can someone actually say in 140 characters? Being online in any format is about being relevant and getting to the point quickly. If a customer is loving what you do and are happy to Tweet it, it can be more effective than a 500 word essay on your business. Besides, Twitter has built a whole business on this and they appear to be doing just fine!

3) Check relevant forums:

They as close to the oldest form of social media their is and now continually overlooked.

This is where the old school experts consistently hang out, that have thousands of followers in social media also. Find these industry relevant forums and suck them dry for information on your business. These endorsements will continually help you find new fans and increase your social and email worth.

If you continually share their thoughts, recognise those personalities and promote them it will create returns for your business. Don’t be afraid to show how you deal with problems as well as solutions and praise using this you can provide your email marketing with a healthy dose of social proof in the right proportions.

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